Oct 08

New Stuff…..

Changing my ways of living……being different from what I used to be……Love, Peace and Life.

Nov 17

Life is sometime unfair to some people. Sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we don’t, but that does not mean that we have to stop living or achieving the goals that we set for ourselves. Learn to be grateful to the item, people, emotion and other stuff that we have, don’t always ask for more. 

Apr 22

Reblog if you like pizza.

Apr 04

Two Face.Two Side.Two World.Different Time.Believe?

Do you Believe? and Why?

Mar 16

NinaaAyumi's Life: Reblog if you want your followers to introduce themselves and make friends with you. →

Name: Sabarina Osman
Gender: Female
Height: 160/161
Age: 17 turning 18
Eye Color: Black/Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Smoking?: No and NEVER WILL
Drinking?: NO
Drugs?: medicine from doctor, YES. But illegal stuff…NO thank you
Job: Planing
Education Level: ITE College
Favorite Sport: Anything thats can have fun with my friends

Favorite Color: ALL the colors in the WORLD
Favorite Band: ALOT
Siblings: 3 siblings, One Bro, Two Sis

Tattoos? NOPE
Piercings? Yes
Perfect Date: Never been on a date before…
Hobbies: ANYTHING that can make think of crazy creative ideas and imagination


Mar 11

dear followers, no matter who u are, where u are, be safe! & pray for those who are affected by the earthquake & tsunami.

Feb 05

Single, Couple, Married or Apart?

I was wondering…which is better? Some people says that being single is the best as we don’t have that much stress like couples do…we don’t worry about what to wear whenever we go out, watch our diet so that our lover don’t call us fat, being beautiful/handsome all the time so that our lover don’t walk away from us with another person or cheat on us…so on..etc.etc. Funny to see m typing this when I have never exprience relationship, dating or even go out with only a guy…two people…seriously?

While those who are couple says that being with someone you love is the best as you can express how you feel for each other and share the same feeling for each other…but is it really true?

Then married people says that being married is the good choice as you get to live your life with the person you love for your entire life…then when you have kids…everything in our life change as kids are our crown jewelry…they are the stars in our life…your child is your life..something like that…so once it true?

Lastly…Couples who are apart…sigh…hahaha…I don’t know what to say…

Life is full of surprises uh? Huh…funny…a lot of people keep saying this…but does it really happen? Which is true? and Which is not?…

True or Lie..We will always ending up lying to our self, no matter how long we keep it to ourselve…SO…We ALL have a devil in us and an angel in us…no one is perfect. If someone were to say that he/she is perfect..then who are we to judge? Who is god? Who are humans?

Sep 11

Blood is thicker than water

Alot of people said that “Blood is Thicker than Water”, at first I believe all that but now some people made me realise that It Is Wrong. It is HARD to believe that “BLOOD I THICKER THAN WATER”…. I think it is the opposite. I apologies but I have to move on.

Aug 13

Stress Over Problems

I think I need a break from all this problems….but I can’t just ran away. I need to face it someday…to solve this whole problem.

My friends are trying there best to cheer me up and I thank them for that but…I sometimes feel like I am not a good friend to them because I will only pat them at the back and say that it is going to be okay…I sometimes feel there is a wall blocking me from all the good karma…funny right? I know….but like all my friend said, “no one’s life is 100% perfect. We need to stand up and walk the path of life. Who know in the end, something good might happen.”

Sigh..well I need to forget about my problems, MR K, sad moments and I need to be positive that I will have a good future.

Aug 05


Sometimes, your dreams can come true, but not all dreams are being granted. It is not because it is impossible but it is because you sometime need to fullfill it all by yourself…so work hard and never give up.